Saturday, October 23, 2010

pumpkin spice for me

do(me) verb \ˈdü\me\
did\ˈdid, dəd\done\ˈdən\do·ing\ˈdü-iŋ\does\ˈdəz\
Definition of DO(me)
transitive verb
1: to bring to pass : carry out
2: Contrary to "Honey Do's", Do Me's means I have to do it all myself.
3: perform, execute
4: bring about, effect
5: to bring to an end : finish —used in the past participle
6: to put forth : exert
7: to wear out especially by physical exertion : exhaust

A list of "do me's"...

1. Mid terms. It's mid term weekend at my house. Come over, have a cup of jo' and help me procrastinate (I won't be responsible, however, for your part in my lack).

2. 3 loads of laundry to fold and two to wash ( maybe three more, I haven't entered the teenagers room yet).

3. Another cup of coffee and some pondering of the early Christians.

4. The backyard. 30 days and two dogs. Do the math.

5. A really good hand washing and the tossing out of my tennis shoes.

6. Yet more coffee and some C = 2piR (symbols aren't readily available on a laptop and I'm too busy procrastinating to look it up)

7. Shoot! I forgot to put the pot roast in the crock pot...

-be right back-

8. Another cup of coffee. I think I might be sick.

9. An essay on Genetic technology and personal ethics. Seriously...such amazing brains in these scientists but yet they lack something so fundamental to our society.

10. Church. Ahhh...Goal! I am looking forward to this one.

Speaking of worship, my most favorite part, I got to go see Tenth Avenue North in concert this week. They were absolutely amazing, along with Addison Road and Matt Maher. Just...WOW. I sang my heart out for 3 straight hours. Luckily there were a lot of people, so aside from the poor girl in front of me, no one could hear me. I have the heart of a singer and the voice of a moose. Okay, maybe not a moose, I can carry a tune. With a crowd of people...really quietly...or ya know, in my car.

Anywho! Here is a little snippet of them explaining their song "Times". Download it from iTunes. You'll be glad you did.


Sarah said...

Okay, so when you started this post out with the definition of "Do me's" I have to be honest and say my mind was in the gutter. hehe. But onto other more holy things, that is my favorite song int he world! Seriously it comforts me! Thanks for posting it!

Michelle said...

I figured someone would go there... :P

I love that song too. Reminds me that He does answer us and so faithful. Love you Sis!