Thursday, November 04, 2010

clothed in rainbows

Sometimes it's better to move on. Move on and let go and know that there is a plan.

A plan for them and a plan for me.

Focus is a good thing. Walking the steps you need to take. Walking the path laid before you. Being obedient and trust the direction. Faith that it will come when it is supposed to come. Believing that your feet will have walked the steps to land on that firm solid piece of ground.

It will be.

Music moves me. Inspires me. Speaks to me and guides me. All it takes is one song to fill. One voice and one melody. It's life giving breath and sweet peace.

You are my everything and I will adore You.


Melissa said...

I'M BACK MY PRECIOUS SISTER!!! *BIG HUG* So glad to see you are strong in your faith and basking in the joy that only He can bring. I've missed u but I'm back to finish what I started; and this time, with Him.

Michelle said...

Ahhh!! Melissa! I've thought so long and hard about you and how you are doing! ((Big Hugs)) from me too!